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1. Grifols DonorHub

  • Grifols DonorHub™: Manage your plasma donation journey with ease. Grifols DonorHub™ is the convenient app designed to streamline your plasma donation journey.

  • Grifols DonorHub™ is the convenient app designed to streamline your plasma donation journey. 

2. Login - Donor Hub

  • Check past visit details; Schedule appointments. Join now and enhance your donor experience! Login Register. Terms of Use;; Privacy Policy.

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3. Login - Grifols Plasma

  • Sign In · Email Address · Password · Remember Me.

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4. After Your First Donation - Grifols Plasma

5. Grifols Plasma: Donate Plasma with Grifols

  • DonorHub · After Your First Donation · Donor Safety First. Always. · Ready to start

  • Donate today!

6. Login | DonorHub

  • DonorHub Customer Secure Login Page. Login to your DonorHub Customer Account.


  • SCHEDULING AND MANAGING APPOINTMENTS IN DONOR HUB. *A total of 4 appointments may be scheduled within 15 days, this includes your eligible donation date.

8. Find A Plasma Donation Center - Grifols Plasma

  • Bevat niet: portal | Resultaten tonen met:portal

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10. Home - Grifols Plasma Canada

  • We welcome you to our Grifols Plasma Donation Centre at U of M! Why donate plasma. Learn more about the many reasons you should consider becoming a plasma donor ...

  • Learn More

11. Grifols Biomat USA Salt Lake City 38 E 800 South

  • This Grifols center offers: · Plasma donation requirements · Steps to donate · New donor compensation* · Hours · Information · Nearby Centers ...

12. Online donor portal: frequently asked questions | Red Cross

  • Through the online donor portal, you can make an appointment for your blood, plasma or platelet donation. Making an appointment in advance is mandatory.

13. Customer & Donor Login - Blood Bank of Delmarva (BBD)

  • Login to order products & services, make payments, access forms, manage your donation appointments, manage your blood drive and more.

14. Mesa-AZ Plasma Donation Centers in Mesa, AZ Grifols

  • Visit our Plasma Donation Center Grifols Biomat USA Mesa at 535 South Dobson Road, Mesa, AZ, 85202. Walk-ins accepted. . Find a Grifols plasma donation ...

15. OPI - Donor Portal - Octapharma Plasma

  • Donor Portal. Determine your upcoming payment level based on your last 35 days of plasma donations. Visit Donor Portal ...

  • Get easy access to your important donor information and more.

16. Grifols: Biopharma & Healthcare Solutions

  • Grifols Plasma · The Grifols Academy of ... The blood cells are then returned to the donor, minus the plasma, which the body can replace rapidly.

  • Explore Grifols

17. Donor Portal FAQ - Bloodworks Northwest

  • Learn about our donor portal and how to schedule an appointment to donate blood.

18. Conditions of Use | Grifols Plasma

  • ... donation Donor safety first always How long does it take to donate plasma? ... Site With Login: Access Rights. Please note that you are obliged to protect ...

  • Access to and use of this Web site, which home page is located at (the "Web site"), is subject to the following conditions. Please do not use this Web site unless you agree with these conditions. Further usage of, and access to, this Web site shall constitute agreement with these Conditions of Use. If you do not consent to these Conditions or do not wish to be bound by them, please immediately cease visiting and/or accessing this Web site. This Web site has been developed by GRIFOLS and is administrated by the same. We reserve the right to discontinue or to make partial or complete modifications to this Web site, including the General Conditions of Use and our Privacy Policy. Please note that we may make such changes at our sole discretion and without prior notice, and are not obligated to provide notice of changes once they are made and applied. We must therefore ask you, the next time you visit this Web site, to review the terms and conditions of this Web site again and to note any changes or amendments that may have been made. Donor-Portal (2024)
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