Pokemon Charged Red The Fusion Rom Hack With Amazing Shiny Odds! (2023)


Welcome to beating pokemon Charged Red with the most elusive kind of pokemon namely shiny pokemon. This Rom Hack Changes fire red to the coolest kanto fusion region besides fused dimensions. So let's see our fusion abominations can beat this game.

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Well, hello, everyone, my name is wiggo and welcome back to another video this week, we're jumping into a new pokemon fusion, romhack pokemon charged red in this game.

The shiny rate has been increased drastically just like in pokemon fused dimensions, so, of course, I'll be playing through the game with some of my favorite fusion pokemon, but in their shiny form, the game has around 150 new fusion pokemon, there's abilities up until generation, 5 and fairy type is also included and, of course, as the title implies, it's based on pokemon fire red.

As the question of the day, let me know what your favorite fusion pokemon in this video was because there's a bunch of cool ones, and I can hardly pick myself before we jump right into the video.

Let's try to smash 3829 likes and while you're down there, of course, don't forget to subscribe as well and with all of that out of the way, let's jump right into pokemon charged red with only shiny fusion pokemon.

As we step foot outside of our house, we already see that the town has been changed around in structure.

This is actually a reoccurring thing across the entirety of the map.

Every single route and town has been changed around to give the cancer region a little bit of a new stylish look.

Most of these changes are just for aesthetics and really don't change anything about the gameplay itself.

Professor ogden comes and picks us up, and we get the pick out of our three starters.

There is a paris bulbasaur fusion, a mudkip, slowpoke fusion and then a pikachu, cynical fusion.

I really like the syndical fusion, but I'm going to go with mudkip instead, because I have to go for my channel mascot after resetting a couple of times.

I finally found out that this shiny is now yellow and looks really bad in my opinion, but maybe its evolutions will look a little bit better.

Our shiny boy then absolutely obliterated bulbasek.

I went on the road to viridian city to grab professor oak's parcel and I also found a shop with some really useful items like exp shares.

Lucky eggs macho braces, you name it as we walk around viridian city.

We also see that it's been changed around quite a bit and you can also capture pokemon inside the city.

Now so after I went to professor oak to grab my balls and pokedex, I went back to viridian city to capture my first pokemon once I was done running through the grass back and forward for about 20 minutes.

I finally found the best shiny, ever side, doof a psychic, video fusion and it's blue.

So I love it and it's probably the derpiest pokemon in this entire game.

So we added bert to the squad, went to check out the pokemon league but got stopped by our rival again.

He now has a pidgey ho-oh fusion, that's probably going to turn out amazing once it's a pidgeot, bert drowns it with a couple of water guns, then bulbastek gets destroyed by mudpoke, and that is that our rival is defeated.

I'm also going to allow myself to capture one shiny after every gym badge I get which in the end means I'll, be able to grab 10 shiny pokemon with the two that I got before the first gym badge.

If you go to viridian city and talk to this sign, your game will crash.

So definitely try that out.

If you play this game for yourself really amazing, I then finally reached pewter city and challenged the first gym leader brock, but he has a spinner rock which I'd easily take care of with water guns and the second pokemon scragsly falls the same way getting ourselves.

Our first gym match really quickly, and that means we can get ourselves a new shiny pokemon, but first we evolve mud poke into marsh bro and it doesn't really seem like this.

Pokemon gets any better.

Luckily, for us, our next fusion pokemon that we find is significantly better.

It's a pawn yard nidoran male fusion, and it is blue once again and blue in my mind, always equals better than anything else.

So here we have heresy.

I immediately evolve him into ponorino and he is of course going to be a steel poison type in mount moon.

I decided to pick up the helix fossil.

If it only were the jaw fossil, then I'd actually be happy.

Once I arrived in the next city, I then talked to the lady next to nurse joy and she is the move relearner, which can definitely come in handy for quite a bit of pokemon, just as I'm about to head on over to nugget bridge, we get stopped by a rival who has a bit hotel now really creative name love it, but bird is really going to destroy it with a water gun.

Bulbasek came out, so I swapped that into my four times resistant heresy who could metal claw it a couple of times to take it out, and then raul, tita and rad dean easily went down to metal, claw and double kick.

I followed the route after nugget bridge and finally found my way to the mad scientist's house bill.

He has turned himself into a pokemon that nobody has ever seen before, because it's not fused with anything.

So we get that abomination out of here by turning him back into a human.

We grab the assist ticket and head straight on over to misty's gym.

Where I encounter another glitch every time you talk to misty, your game will glitch out, whether it being before the fight or after the fight, you will be able to walk around, but only in a space of like six squares, and you can't get out of the gym anymore.

So I had to restart this entire run because I didn't have any save files from before I challenged misty, but where, if you are going to fight misty make sure you have a save before you enter her gym, her gym was actually really easy to take down, as she has a vennian as her first pokemon, which we can just confusion twice with marshbro and her final pokemon is a spunk ching chow fusion, which we tackled to death after the battle.

My game crashed again, so I'll have to use walk through walls.

If I want to get to cut threes because it's impossible to progress, otherwise, I went to diglett's cave and found some really interesting pokemon, including a dig duo with his head in the ground.

This wasn't the pokemon that I found as my next shiny.

The one I found was way cooler, a tyranitar hacksaw's fusion named axe star.

After naming him vornor, we went to the s's and to challenge our rival again, but his team was easily swept by my new pokemon killing pidgeotto colorita and radicking all with rock slides for ivysek.

I swapped back into heresy and killed it with two pecks.

We now get the cut him from the captain which we can't use anyway, and I then decided to check out a little bit more of the boat and every single area here has been turned into some kind of pokemon cinder once again, something that has no practical use.

So I got out of there really quickly glitched myself into the gym made sure I completed that puzzle in under two minutes, which must be a new world record and then went up to lieutenant serge himself to challenge him for my third gym badge or technically.

My second.

This could have even been a normal type gym, because every single fusion of his has the secondary normal type.

Skittings went down to a double kick loud buzz.

An actual really cool pokemon also went down to double kick.

I also did some decent damage on the final pokemon zangiritsu before having to swap out into vornor and take it out with a rock slide easily gaining our third gym batch and then traveling to the rock tunnel, and just in front of that, I found my next shiny, whiz kid and I'm pretty excited to use this, because I mean I just said it.

It looks, really cool can't wait for it to turn into an explode, and now we come to the hardest part of this entire video rock tunnel.

It's been entirely changed around, so you have no idea where to go.

Unless you get the flash hm, which is something I wasn't going to track back for.

After about 30 minutes of getting lost, I finally got out and evolved vornor into fraxitar.

I then went to the pokemon tower to take on the next rival battle quickly and first, I set up three dragon dances with vornor on his pit hodo and proceed to sweep it with a rock slide.

His guiller licks then came out which is a water steel type.

So it doesn't have many weaknesses and I don't have much to deal with it, so I just rock slide it three times to take it out and the rest of his team all went down to rockslide, even his new pokemon growlron, a firesteel type, then just outside of lavender town.

I ran into a trainer with a giratina vulpix fusion and it looks absolutely ridiculous.

Eventually, I reached celadon city grabbed myself, a moonstone and evolved heresy into nitto sharp my personal favorite fusion in this game, and it has a pretty good typing too.

We all know that the next generator is erika.

But, as you may know, we don't have that many pokemon that could deal with her quickly and easily.

So I decided to bring in vornor as my first pokemon dragon dance up and then dragon breath chorus, vine, a bunch of times because it decided to set up some iron defenses.

So my dragon dances didn't really do much for the next pokemon cher pluma just went for two rock slides and took it out, and the last pokemon bellarim went down to a single metal claw because it's now a grass fairy type four gym badges acquired, and we all know that that means a new pokemon.

For me, I looked around in the grass just outside of the bike route and found myself a mash bee, a magmortar machamp fusion, which is a fire fighting type, exactly what we needed for the last gym, but I'm still not going to complain about it because it actually looks pretty decent.

Once I named it chad b, I went to the t-rocket hideout, where he also immediately evolved into much more, to my surprise that the rocket hideout has not been changed around, because I was prepared to go on to the spinning tiles and be stuck for about another hour again.

But that wasn't the case.

So we easily reached giovanni and showed him who's boss.

He now has a nidoqueen fusion against my no king fusion, but he has a prim plop added to it.

Somehow my metal claw easily just one shots it, so it must be part ice type.

He then has a skull fan a bug ground type, so my water types easy to care of it with water pulses.

He then has an axe star of his own, so I go back into heresy and metal clawed once which gives us the still scope.

So we can go grab mr fuji, who is being guarded by mother literally mother, and once we get the poke flute we head on over to silfco first, where we evolve bert into one of the biggest abominations that I've ever seen and marsh bro evolves into swamp king, which would probably look better if it wasn't shiny, not gonna lie.

This is probably one of the only swampert forms that you're going to see me dislike.

I finally reached a level on where my rival was waiting for me.

So, let's see if our team can take him down, he now finally has a pit.

Hey, oh and I'm not gonna lie.

I thought this thing was going to look cooler.

It just lacks a little bit of detail, so I think once this game updates a little bit and changes the sprites.

A lot of the pokemon will look way cooler, but first I'm going to dragon dance up with vornor again three times and then take it out with the rock slide again.

Vortner also learned dig, which we can easily use to take down guillerms this version's gardevoir thing comes out and we easily take it down with rockslide gralron gets destroyed by a four time.

Super effective, dig and finally, venisect goes down by rockslide once again a sweep with vornor.

Let's grab that lapras, which is now a lapras, shame infusion, and if I didn't have so many water types already, I would definitely shiny, hunt this, because this is probably the cutest pokemon in this game.

Once we're done admiring it, we open the final door of silvco and challenge giovanni nido.

Prim goes down to a fire punch from chat b.

His skull fan is probably the dangerous pokemon we've faced so far because it almost takes down my swamp king after I hit an aqua tail, so I have to bring in birds to clean it up.

It has a non-shiny needle sharp, which also looks very cool.

I don't know if I like the blue or the red more actually, but I decided to bring out my own one.

Despite being three levels lower, we can still one shot it with a single dig and his final pokemon is fraxitar.

So one iron head, one win against the mafia boss.

Let's grab our master ball evolve whiz into equity, loud, which I'm not gonna, lie I'm more of a fan of loudrid and chad.

Me then evolves into mac mortar, as well.

With these buffs to the team we go and march to sabrina's, gym to try and grab our fifth gym batch.

That's actually only our fourth.

She leads off with a swoo range, so I'm going to dark pulse it twice with whiz.

We did get paralyzed have no idea how that's even possible, since we are an electric type.

I decide not to swap out against espeton and I get hit with a psychic doing a lot of damage, but not enough to kill me so dark pulse is once again going to overpower it.

She has the evolution of the thing we saw at misties a grump turn, so I swap out it to heresy.

Dig it and break break it a couple of times until it finally falls and her last pokemon is a god of war.

It is a psychic fairy type, so one of my iron heads can take care of it and just like that, we earned ourselves the marsh badge allowing ourselves to capture a new pokemon.

So I go to the pokemon tower, where I want a ghost type, there's quite a lot of things available here, but I got myself a steel ghost type in gazamide, which is a magneton gengar fusion, something I definitely won't complain about once we name it andy, we evolved into hounton, which is definitely the creepiest pokemon we've found yet rivaling even mother, and then we had to go and challenge koga.

I decided to take the bike route where I had to wake up the snorlax who's now, not a lax anymore, but a king.

The two laziest pokemon fused together this might as well be me.

The safari zone then wasn't changed at all, so I grabbed the hm for surf.

Once I arrived there and just before we took on koga, I evolved andy into genzone, something that's definitely going to need an updated sprite in the future, but it doesn't look half bad.

I finally decided to give swamp game some action to shine.

I set up a shell smash on skull, fan his first pokemon and then proceed to sweep it with a psychic.

I also smash wheezy rock and garbocolo against the wall with psychics easily taking both of them out, but his final pokemon is a muk reuniklus fusion, who's not going to be weak to psychics, so I swap out into genzone and shadowbollied once to gain our sixth gym batch.

I traveled all the way back to pallet town took the boat to try to get the cinnabar, but first ran into a carvana, cable fusion, and I knew I had to have this shiny.

So I started looking around hoping that I wouldn't get the tentacle frillage fusion, but the pokemon god arceus shined upon me and gave me my gibbana, which actually looks pretty decent in its shiny form with nanners added to the team.

I revived my helix fossil, and this fusion doesn't look that great, so I'm not going to shiny hunt for it later.

I'm instead going to go to the mansion, pick up my secret key and evolve fraxitar into hexatar, and this definitely rivals heresy for the best fusion.

In my opinion, I also evolved nanos into the sharpedo garchomp fusion, and I was pretty disappointed when I saw the outcome, but I guess it's a c shark and a landshark combined.

So I don't know what I was expecting anyway.

With these new powerhouses on the team I took on blaine, who starts off with a flairton, I set up a dragon dance and use my aqua jet with nanners to one shot.

It riflosian is up next, and I definitely would have preferred this as my starter.

Luckily, for us, it's not the best pokemon, because we jet him back in his ball.

Sauce dash gets destroyed by a rockslide from warner, and we then see aggra nine come out also a pretty disappointing fusion.

Luckily, we can easily take off the screen by swapping into heresy and digging it once taking blaine's gym badge, finding a new encounter in the mansion, a torchic, sneasel fusion.

I really like this one's shiny colors as well, so let's hope it stays as cool once it evolves.

I wanted to check out one of the legendary birds, so I went to zapdos but saw that it wasn't fused with anything which was kind of disappointing, so I just left it alone.

Snitching then evolved into blazyvile and just as I'm about to take on the last team leader giovanni, we see that he also has a blazing vile as his first pokemon.

We do have chad b as our starter, so we break it once because it's super effective, take it out.

His nidopolian comes out, so I swap out into frieza and drain punch it twice once again, taking it out really quickly.

Nidosharp only took one place kick, but then he has a frelibore, a water fire type.

So I went into andy and he went for earthquake.

Luckily, I have a levitate ability, so that gets cancelled out.

I go for one thunderbolt and it's down.

He then also has a hexatar, so I go for the flash cannon two times in a row and finish it off last gym batch, but not really.

Last june badge acquired I head on over to victory road, but just as we're about to reach the guards we get stopped by the same man that we defeated at the start of this video.

Let's see if we can take him down again, we start off by killing his pidgeot ho-oh with a rock slide from vornor.

Then agron comes out, so we dig it once with heresy.

He then has a little leap, pretty funny name there, which we iron head as well and take out very very quickly for frauley boar.

I go into andy.

I do get hit with a crunch, leaving me with 45 hp, but a thunderbolt then takes it out again.

Gothivore then can't take a single flash cannon and his final pokemon venus sect still gets countered by my heresy's peck, even all of these hours later, and have to sneak our way past.

The second guard, because we don't have the gym badge and eventually reach victory road, where I find my final shiny, pokemon high dry buck, a poison dragon type, which is green, and I love it.

I won't be using him, though, because I'll be using the team that I just used for my rival battle.

Don't have much left to do so.

We go straight to lorelei and see if we can take down her water, slash ice type team.

She leads with a seperatic a superior melodic fusion, so heresy's new megahorn can take care of it with only two hits.

Lazy file then goes down to two.

Brick breaks do doom to a single iron head, because now it's a dark ice type for pro bo rain.

I decided to finally swap out into swamp king.

I set up two shell smashes, take it out with surf, but then he has a colloidal thorn, which luckily enough is also no match to my serf.

Nidopolian is part ice type, but I decided to go for the surf for some reason, but it still killed so no problems there moving on to bruno next and everything in this league seems to have a blazi vial, because bruno also has one.

I do go for two earthquakes with voronor to take it out quickly.

Grass glops is very annoying to deal with, so I go into frieza, but I get put to sleep by spore.

I take way too much damage, so I decide to bring in andy instead and with the single shadow ball.

This thing now finally goes down.

We then see a familiar face from the first gym leader, scroll wudo.

We almost go down to a sucker punch but survive with 12 hp, counter back with the flash cannon and take it out.

He then decides to use one of my own pokemon against me, mash, mortar, but swamp king is the perfect counter with one serf we wash him away as well as the final pokemon aggra 9.

Wait that wasn't even a final poke about the final pokemon's chi michel, which we iron head with heresy, and just like that bruno is defeated.

Let's see if agatha puts up a bigger fight, the battle starts off great, as heresy takes down umberton with only two iron heads, but then chandilli comes out.

I know this thing is a rock ghost type.

So I know my iron head is once again going to finish it off in one hit, and then we finally see the derpiest pokemon again gyrotails.

I dig up some dirt and almost take it out with one shot, but then I have to swap out because I'm confused I go into swampking.

I also get confused on him, but I hit my surf and that finishes it off.

Pory tomb is up next, but I easily turn it back into an odd keystone with a night slash.

The next pokemon zatu grigas also can take a night slash and her final pokemon is going to be again zone and with genzone vs genzone, we've managed to overpower it with shadow balls time to take on the final elite.

Four member lance.

This is once again a mirror match shark chomp, vs nanners and I'm gonna be totally fair here.

The non-shiny one looks way better.

I am a higher level, so I take it out with a dragon claw.

But then hexatar comes out manages to tank a dragon claw and counter back to one shot me.

So we once again go for a mirror match dragon claw him again and take him down.

High drypack then comes out outspeeds me and does a lot of damage with outrage, but we still one shot with dragon.

Claw septeria then also looks very cool, but it's not going to be on the screen too long, because a rock slide takes it out.

For this viper dactyl, I swap out into andy hit a flash cannon, don't do enough damage and I eventually get taken out by crunches because he kept healing up just as I was about to take him out.

He also almost takes down frieza with poison chap, but I hit a night slash after to end its reign of terror and go into the final pokemon for rally boar swamp.

King sets up the shell smash, psychics it and finishes off lance, but sadly enough.

We lost two team members in this battle.

So that's not great, but it is time to face our final opponent hunter first time I said his name was at the final fight and that's when it matters most.

So let's drag and dance up four times with vordor take down pidhayo with a single rockslide and sweep the rest of his team as well.

Agrinine goes down by earthquake, got ivvar by rockslide, again chandilli earthquake frellyboar hits an aquajet almost kills me, but an earthquake comes in and finishes it off final pokemon, venusic and one last rock slide finishes.

The job makes this champion of this weird kanto region, where everything is fused and different, but we have conquered pokemon charged red.

If I would have to give this game a rating out of 10, I would give it a 6.5 or something.

Fused dimensions is a 10 out of 10 for me, because most of the fusions look way better and there is, of course, less glitches in that game, and this kind of seems like a beta for fuse dimensions, but it's still really really cool, and if this game gets a couple of updates in the future fixing most of the things, it could certainly rival fuse dimensions.

As always, if you have more rom hacks that you want me to check out, let me know in the comments down below and I will check them out if I haven't already made a video on them and with all of that out of the way, I want to thank my membership and patreon supporters for supporting the channel.

If you want to do so yourself, you can click the links in the description.

It's always appreciated, but not needed and, as always people don't forget to leave a like subscribe and share this video with your friends, I'm zwiggo and I'll see you guys next time.


What are the odds of getting a shiny in Pokémon Fusion? ›

The odds of encountering a shiny Pokémon are 1 in 4096, which is the same rate as in official Pokémon games starting with generation 6. The Shiny Charm, which is obtained after completing the post-game increases these odds to 1 in 1365.

How do you change shiny odds in Pokémon? ›

The base Shiny odds for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are a possible 1/4096. These odds can be improved by crafting sandwiches that boost Shiny rates, encountering Pokemon at Mass Outbreaks, and obtaining the Shiny charm.

What is the highest Pokémon shiny odds? ›

Once the player passes 3,000+ Light Years, the chances for encountering Shiny Pokémon increases. The highest odds that the player can achieve in finding a shiny Pokémon is surpassing 5,000 Light Years and finding a Type 4 wormhole, which results in a 36% chance of an encounter.

How do you get cut in Pokémon Charged Red? ›

Acquire the SS Anne ticket from Bill, then go to the ship in Vermilion City. Go to the top end of the ship, or navigate through trainers until you run into your rival. After you beat him, go to the captain's booth and obtain Cut.

What Pokémon have 1 in 64 shiny odds? ›

Permaboosted Shiny rate is 1 in 64, which is for Aerodactyl, Alolan Grimer, Alolan Marowak, Alolan Sandshrew, Alolan Vulpix, Chansey, Klink, Lapras, Nincada, Onix, Pineco, Riolu, Skarmory, Spinda, Spiritomb and Timburr. Rare species have a less permanent shiny rate boost of 1 in 125.

How rare is a shiny perfect? ›

On average, there's a 1 in 500 chance, or . 2%, for a wild Pokémon in Pokémon GO to be Shiny, although the rates change depending on various circumstances.

Does killing 60 Pokémon increase shiny odds? ›

Does killing Pokemon increase shiny odds? Your odds of finding a shiny Pokemon go up once you kill 30 -- and go up even more once you kill 60. An outbreak of Magneton. Once you find an outbreak, down 60 to dramatically improve your chances of finding a shiny Pokemon.

Is there a trick to catching more Shiny Pokémon? ›

Stop Catching All Those Pokémon

If you're not familiar with this tip, it's going to sound weird, but the best way to catch more Shiny Pokémon is to stop catching so many Pokemon. When you're just searching for shinies you're not really trying to catch 'em all.

What triggers a Shiny Pokémon? ›

Successfully defeating a Legendary in a Raid gives players the highest chance of finding a Shiny.

Are Shinies 100 percent catch rate? ›

If a Shiny Legendary is found after completing a Raid, it has a 100% catch rate. But in the wild, Legendary Pokemon are difficult to catch, even if they are Shiny. That's because a wild Shiny Legendary keeps its same high catch rate. But to negate this, a Shiny Legendary can't run away from trainers.

What is the lowest shiny odds? ›

Shiny rates
  • The standard base Shiny rate is 0.2% (1 in 500). ...
  • Some species have a permanently boosted Shiny rate of 1.6% (1 in 62.5; ×8). ...
  • Some species have a permanently less-boosted Shiny rate of 0.8% (1 in 125; ×4). ...
  • Legendary and Mythical Pokémon all have a rate of 5% (1 in 20; ×25)

What are full odds Shinies? ›

Full odds refers to shiny pokemon. It means that the chance of getting a shiny wasn't boosted in any way, just pure random chance. It can be boosted by getting level 10, or completing dex pages. As well as in outbreaks and getting the shiny charm.

Does Misty give you cut? ›

Gym Leader Misty

You will also be able to use the Cut technique - once you have found HM 01 - Cut and taught it to one of your Pokémon. Misty will also give you TM03 (Water Pulse). When you exit Cerulean City through its north exit, you find yourself on Route 24, which connects to Route 25.

What is HM01 in Pokemon Red? ›

HM01 (Japanese: ひでんマシン01 Secret Machine 01) is an HM introduced in Generation I. It teaches a compatible Pokémon a move that can also be used in the field; but using an HM in the field requires that the player have a certain Badge (except in Generation V). HM01 has always been Cut.

Where do you get HM05 in Pokemon Red? ›

HM05 - Flash

This is one of the easiest HMs in the game to get, and you'll be given it very early around the Boulder Badge state in Pewter City. It's found in Route 2, south of there. If you had a Pokemon who knows Cut, you'll be able to continue through this pathway until you see an area close to Viridian Forest.

What shiny is rarer? ›

While there are numerous other Pikachu's that wear special hats in the game, Detective Pikachu is the rarest shiny version, and it was only available during one of Pokémon Go's one-time limited events.

How rare is a shiny in Crystal? ›

In Generation II, any Pokémon can be Shiny, but the game includes a red Gyarados that the player must encounter at the Lake of Rage during the course of the story. In Pokémon Crystal, the Odd Egg also has a high chance of hatching a Shiny Pokémon: 50% in Japanese games, and 14% in all other languages.

What are the shiny odds for? ›

On average, there's a 1 in 500 chance, or . 2%, for a wild Pokémon in Pokémon GO to be Shiny, although the rates change depending on various circumstances. The rate appears to be eight times higher - a 1 in 62.5 chance, or 1.6% - for very rare wild spawns, certain Shadow Pokémon, and certain raid Pokémon.

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